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Rolex Paris Masters, €1
Париж, Франция,
R16: [4] Александер Зверев (GER )
загуба: 6-7(4) 7-6(3) 3-6

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22 ноем. 2021


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20 май 2021
#4: Dear Grigor, I love your Tennis. At last I saw you playing in that pink T-shirt from Nike. Beautiful. Unfourtunately it is no longer available all over Europe. Is it possible to have one from yours? I will regularly pay for it. I would be very happy if it is possible. The Size I need is M or L. My Name is Norbert Vink and I‘m living in 22527 Hamburg, germany. Street Name is Dörpsweg 28d. My Phone Number is +49 171 1061948
Best wishes good luck and success in Rolan Gaross
Norbert Vink

21 ян. 2021
#3: Hi Grigor, This is Rajesh Kumar C R, a well wisher of you from Bangalore, Karntataka, India. I am a huge fan of tennis and have been watching the game and following it from last 15 years. Somewhere thought of building an off court career in Tennis. Accordingly started working in that direction.

Being a follower of you along with few other single backhanded players, I am very much interested to be associated with you in some ways and contribute positively for further bigger achievements in your career. Out of the tennis knowledge and skill sets/analytical skills I have got, developed some generic & opponent specific strategies (for selected opponents) by studying & analyzing your matches of 2020 season and few selected matches of previous seasons. I just want to CONNECT with you once to present the stuffs I have worked on and want to move on with future course of actions. Kindly give me an opportunity to connect with you once on on-line.

My email id is RAJESHKUMARCR84@gmail.com, kindly communicate at this id for future interactions. Worked for nearly 4 months on this, want to have discussion/presentation with you for max one hour, hoping for the same to happen. Thanks in advance.

19 септ. 2020
#2: Dear Grigor,

Not sure you read these comments but as a coach of the game for more than 30 years I have always wanted a shot at coaching someone like you to Slam wins....I got one question for you...how come you do not trust your neutral ball and your fitness ?

12 февр. 2020
#1: A career of underachievement and inconsistency.

ATP players are supposed to give best efforts at all times.

This guy is a fraud, regularly losing to less talented players.

Whether it’s laziness or something more sinister, who knows?

12 февр. 2020
#0: Ех, Гриша.
Този мач с Алиасим е като дежа вю на онзи от миналата година. След мачът ти със Шаповалов, бях убеден че ще вземеш реванш. Уви!
Не знам какви са причините ( имаш си хора в щаба за това ), но цялата ти игра изглеждаше така все едно искаш този мач да не се играе, или ти да не си на него.
Играеше много прибързано, пресилваше лесни за отиграване топки, имаш 27 непредизвикани грешки...!???!
И най-важното нямаше настроение и свежест в играта ти. Като прибавим и няколко късметлийски отигравания на канадеца, резултатът изглежда логичен.
Важното сега е да намериш отговор на причините за всичко това и да излезеш от това си вече за мен хронично състояние. Желая ти го от сърце и знам, че ще го преодолееш. Дано това се случи бързо и в Акапулко видим отново старият Григор - позитивен и уверен в себе си!
Успех и стискаме палци!

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