Български тенисист

Последен мач сингъл
Ченгду Оупън, $1152805
Ченгду, Китай,
SF: [1] Александер Зверев (GER )
загуба: 3-6 6-7(2)

Следващ мач сингъл
China Open, $3633875
Пекин, Китай,
R32: T.B.A.

Текущо класиране
Двойки: 580
18 септ. 2023


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18 юли 2023
#4: Good to see you coming back Grisho, but why can’t you get a normal gf for once

18 февр. 2023
#3: Grigor
Love your tennis, but the new Nike outfit.....perhaps worse than Stan's shorts!
You need to have a serious chat with Nike.
All the best to you for IW and Miami!

22 дек. 2022
#2: Кой поддържа страницата? Много нередовно се актуализират новините.

29 авг. 2022
#1: Grigor.....If you think the Covid jab could have been responsible in any way for your demise you MUST speak out. Athletes around the world are falling over dead. You were lucky, you survived. YOU MUST SPEAK OUT IF YOU HAVE THE SLIGHTEST IDEA THAT THE COVID JAB MAY BE RESPONSIBLE. You owe it to humanity.

20 май 2021
#0: Dear Grigor, I love your Tennis. At last I saw you playing in that pink T-shirt from Nike. Beautiful. Unfourtunately it is no longer available all over Europe. Is it possible to have one from yours? I will regularly pay for it. I would be very happy if it is possible. The Size I need is M or L. My Name is Norbert Vink and I‘m living in 22527 Hamburg, germany. Street Name is Dörpsweg 28d. My Phone Number is +49 171 1061948
Best wishes good luck and success in Rolan Gaross
Norbert Vink

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