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Последен мач сингъл
Citi Open, $1137115
Вашингтон, DC, САЩ,
R32: Иля Ивашка (BLR )
загуба: 2-6 6-7(4)

Следващ мач сингъл
National Bank Open, $2850970
Торонто/Монреал, Канада,
R64: T.B.A.

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Двойки: 882
02 авг. 2021


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27 ян. 2019
Grigor Dimitrov started the 2019 ATP season as the circuit’s 21st ranked player. Since peaking at No. 3 in late 2017 and early 2018, the Bulgarian has slid down the rankings. That doesn’t mean Dimitrov hasn’t played well in recent tournaments. The 2018 season saw Dimitrov post a 283-181 win-loss record. However, during the season he didn’t collect a tournament title. He did add to his more than $15 million in winnings with some solid outings in major tournaments. Tennis fan can use the Virgin Ga...
23 ян. 2019
Grigor Dimitrov didn’t take long to become Bulgaria's most famous tennis player of all-time. The former world No. 3 turned professional in 2008, and in the last 10 year, he has collected more trophies and prize money than any other Bulgarian tennis play before him. Dimitrov is one of the most exciting players on the ATP circuit today. His unusual playing style and ability to cover all areas of the court have made him a difficult opponent to beat. Dimitrov’s fans can experience tennis betting wit...
13 ян. 2019
New Year’s Eve is a cause for celebration all around the world for one very good reason: It means the first Grand Slam of the year is a matter of weeks away.

The Australian Open in January is the perfect way to ensure that tennis professional all over the world stay off the mince pies and grog over the festive period.

It also enables tennis fans across the globe to hit the new year with aplomb and those looking to take advantage of tennis betting strategies, the chance to put them into pra...
02 ян. 2019
Григор Димитров ще играе с втория поставен в схемата Кей Нишикори (Япония) на четвъртфиналите в Бризбън след победата над австралиеца Джон Милман в два сета 6-3 6-4.

"Помня какво стана миналата година... Очевидно съм мислил върху това през последните дни, тъй като знаех, че ще играя срещу него, и се просто се опитвах да правя нещата по-добре от миналата година" каза Димитров.

Димитров взе първия сет с 6-3 и достигна до 4-1 във втория сет след два пробива, тогава Милман успя да пробие два п...