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BNP Paribas Open, $8359455
Индиън Уелс, Калифорния, САЩ,
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04 окт. 2021

Dancevic Stopped the 16 Successive Wins Series of Dimitrov

13 окт. 2010
Grigor Dimitrov lost in the second round of the ATP Challenger in Rennes, France to Frank Dancevic, Canada6-7(4) 6-7(3) and 16 successive wins series was stopped this way. In the both sets the players were taking their service games and neither could reach a break-point. Both sets had to decided by tie-breaks where the experience of the ex No 65 Canadian was decisive. With the 8 points won from the tournament Dimitrov would move 1 or 2positionsahead in the ATP ranking next week.

The next tournament of Grigor Dimitrov is the 106'500 EUR ATP Challenger in Orléans, France.
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20 окт. 2010
#3: jea395 You are right...hope 2011 be great for Grigor Dimitrov ....

20 окт. 2010
#2: I definitely think Grigor is ready for higher level ATP Tour events. I don't know his or his coach's plan but I think they are trying to get into ATP Top-100 by the end of this year by adding points at ATP Challenger events, and hence start 2011 playing ATP Tour events. With a Top-100 ranking, Grigor could make directly into the main draw of ATP Grand Slams (128) and most ATP-250 events. Probably he'll have to enter qualifiers at ATP-500 and for sure at ATP-1000.
2011 is going to be the year for Grigor. I am sure about it.
Go Grigor!

14 окт. 2010
#1: IF he do slow to enter in Atp Tour...then he will be back to early 2010 ranking...
i want Grigor to be in no.1 ranking
Don't disspoint us...

14 окт. 2010
#0: Why don't he play???....Atp tour...always Atp challenger
I think he is ready for Atp tour
Now he need to run not just walk...step up in big stage...

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