What are the Most Popular Sports to Bet on Today?

What are the Most Popular Sports to Bet on Today?
20 May 2024
Sports betting has become a major industry in the 21st century. In large part, we have online sportsbooks to thank for that. Web-based bookies have made it a lot simpler and more convenient to access the odds and place a bet on your favorite sports.

For those who may not know, registering for a sportsbook couldn’t be more simple. All you have to do is find a licensed and regulated online betting site. From then, it is a simple matter of sharing your email and password, setting up an account, and putting down a deposit.

If you are new to sports betting, you might be wondering what sports these websites cover? The truth is, different websites cover different sports. However, it is also true that some games do get more attention than others. In this article, we would like to focus on the most popular sports to bet on today.

Football is the undeniable favorite in 2023. The most popular sport on all major continents (except for North America), football, or soccer, boasts over 3 billion fans worldwide. What makes football popular is the dedicated, passionate fan base, that then imparts their love on their children, friends, or loved ones.

Naturally, when a sport attains a certain level of popularity, it will undoubtedly gain the attention of sportsbooks. And boy, has football garnered bookie attention. It is, without doubt, the most popular betting sport today. Millions of punters place bets on football during the heated season, and the industry generates hundreds of millions from football bets alone.

Next to football, basketball is the most popular sport. Only recently has it overtaken cricket in terms of popularity, with over 2.5 billion fans enjoying and watching basketball during the season. Once again, when a sport achieves a level of fame, the bookies are not far behind.

Basketball currently generates tens of millions of dollars in betting revenue annually. Its popularity has earned it high status at various online sportsbooks, and millions of people excitedly wait for the NBA or FIBA playoffs, all so they can start placing bets on their favorite teams.

Golf & Tennis
Some might find golf’s placement on this list rather surprising. However, if you’ve noticed, in the two sports mentioned thus far, there has been a pattern. Namely, they are seasonal sports. Football and basketball season happens once a year, and though it lasts for a few months, there are breaks.

Golf, on the other hand, is an all-year-round sport. There is a major golf tournament at any point in the year, and fans excitedly bet on their favorite game. The same is also true of tennis, which like golf, is quite popular as both a watched sport and a betting sport.

Tennis competitions are also held year-round, with players having to travel across the world and compete at the various Opens. For this reason, golf and tennis remain two of the most popular betting sports in the world, though they are nowhere near as popular as football or basketball.

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