How Digital Tech Is Creating Immersive Experiences for Tennis Fans All Over the World

How Digital Tech Is Creating Immersive Experiences for Tennis Fans All Over the World
08 July 2024
Innovative digital technology is having a transformative impact on fan engagement. Spectators are no longer passive observers; they are now immersed in a digital world that offers unprecedented interactivity and insights. Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of this change, fundamentally altering how tennis is consumed and analyzed. Today's fans can engage with dynamic features like AI Bracket Challenges and Match Centers, which deliver real-time performance analytics. These innovations allow fans to interact with the sport on a much deeper level.

Prestigious events such as Roland Garros have integrated these technologies, solidifying AI’s role in the future of tennis. For instance, generative AI creates interactive experiences that encourage fans to delve into the rich history of tennis tournaments while also exploring their creative abilities. Furthermore, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are being explored to provide fans with new, interactive experiences, making them feel as if they are on the court at major tournaments.


How Is Digital Technology Broadening the Appeal of Tennis Worldwide?

The influence of cutting-edge digital technology on tennis is being felt all over the world. In Australia, the world’s first open-air tennis training simulator was unveiled as part of ANZ Bank’s partnership with the Australian Open. The simulator is equipped with motion sensors that meticulously track players' movements - whether serving, volleying, or executing backhands. Surround sound immerses players in a realistic audio environment, while seamless projections create dynamic visual scenarios, replicating real match conditions.

In the UK, tech firm Fuzzy Brick released a dedicated tennis simulator for corporate events and businesses. Called “Tennis Challenge”, users wear VR headsets and enter real-world environments to play individually or in teams. Across the Atlantic, two of the most popular VR games in the USA for the PlayStation and Oculus Quest are Dream Match Tennis VR and First Person Tennis.

Tennis’ influence can be felt elsewhere too. Microgaming, which along with the likes of Quickspin, Evolution, NetEnt and Pragmatic Play is responsible for some of the most popular games for online casino Canada offers, producing one of the most-played slots based on the sport called Centre Court. Since then the industry has seen an influx of tennis-inspired slots with more recent examples – such as Virtual Tennis Open and Tennis Champions - leveraging the latest in online gaming technology.

More broadly, tennis is engaging with fans and expanding its appeal through groundbreaking mobile apps. Bleachr released TennisONE which, while featuring live scores and statistics, also boasts some innovative features. Notable are its "CrowdRIVALS" and "CrowdLIVE" features. With CrowdRIVALS, users can engage in friendly competition by pitting two tennis players against each other and leveraging their tennis knowledge to outsmart fellow fans. Meanwhile, CrowdLIVE takes user engagement to the next level by offering virtual connections with professional tennis players, coaches, and industry experts.

A More Immersive Experience

Digital technology is revolutionizing tennis, creating immersive experiences that transcend traditional viewing and participation. As AI, VR, and AR technologies become integral to the sport, they offer fans unparalleled interactivity and deeper engagement.

From AI-driven analytics that enhance understanding of match dynamics to virtual training simulators and interactive mobile apps, these advancements are redefining how fans and players experience tennis. The innovations seen at major tournaments like Roland Garros and through platforms such as TennisONE illustrate a broader trend: tennis is leveraging technology to broaden its appeal and connect with a global audience in more dynamic ways.

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