The Association of Tennis Professionals and its Stars

The Association of Tennis Professionals and its Stars
25 February 2019
ATP Tennis
The sport of tennis has witnessed many positive changes over the past few years and the appeal of tournaments, such as Wimbledon, US Open, French Open and Australian Open, has reached new heights, with practically all Centre Court matches featuring packed stands and tickets being sold out months before the event. These tournaments are organized by the ATP and WTA and apply to both Men and Women and are called Grand Slams due to their importance.

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The culmination of the ATP season sees the ATP/WTA Masters highlighted, with the top ATP and WTA ranked players competing against each other. This tournament is usually held indoors since it is usually held at the end of the year and inclement weather might be a factor.

Past Tennis Superstars
In the 1970’s and 1980’s tennis legends such as Swede Bjorn Borg and American John McEnroe competed in ferocious and technical battles. Borg was renowned for his ice-cold approach and calm temperament whilst McEnroe engaged in verbal slurs with various umpires, which often resulted in fines or suspension. Other big names, such as American Jimmy Connors and Czech Ivan Lendl, together with German Boris Becker all enjoyed their moments of fame.

From the Women’s titles Americans Billie Jo King and Martina Navratilova as well as German Steffi Graf dominated the scene for a few years when they were at their peak.

Grigor Dimitrov
Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov was once ranked in third place in the ATP, in 2017. He is the highest ever ranked Bulgarian player in history and has been playing on a professional level since 2008. Throughout his career he has won 8 titles and is currently placed at 31. His father is a tennis coach and his mother a sports teacher, so the genes were always there to help him succeed.

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Historical Facts: a few things to keep in mind
Tennis has been around since the Middle Ages with many references to the sport being mentioned in journals and history books. There have been many adaptations to the equipment and rules of the sport since then. In the 12th Century, records show that tennis was played with the hands and it took another 4 centuries to see the hand evolve into the racquet, which is the present accessory used apart from balls.

Many past monarchs, mainly from England and France were avid tennis players and Shakespeare himself mentions the sport in one of his literary pieces. The game suffered a decline in popularity in England during the rule of the Puritans, who were against any form of entertainment and even banned the celebration of Christmas!

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